Home Top Story Austin likely to be Kvyat’s last race as Russian demands explanations
Austin likely to be Kvyat’s last race as Russian demands explanations

Austin likely to be Kvyat’s last race as Russian demands explanations


The United States Grand Prix in Austin is likely to be Daniil Kvyat’s last race in Formula One, as Toro Rosso is expected to pair Gasly and Hartley together for rest of the Formula 1 season, F1 Hub has learned. 

Toro Rosso’s original plan was to run Kvyat and Gasly for the United States GP weekend, with Carlos Sainz gone to Renault, however Honda’s desire to keep Gasly in Japan for Super Formula – which eventually got cancelled – meant Red Bull were forced to look elsewhere. This resulted in the team picking up LMP1 winner Brendon Hartley.

Given the team have unexpectedly settled Hartley in their Formula 1 team, they are likely to axe Kvyat from the F1 team after the US Grand Prix weekend, however that move would depend on Hartley’s performance through the Austin venue.

What seems to now be a Hartley/Gasly pairing in frame for the Mexican GP next week, it will not only help Toro Rosso outscore its midfield F1 rivals for glory in the constructors’ championship, but equally help the team evaluate Hartley – who is believed to be a candidate for the Toro Rosso race seat in 2018.

Kvyat: “We have to sit down and talk”

Daniil Kvyat has appeared annoyed after finding himself in the middle of an unprecedented musical chair controversy at Toro Rosso, and is keen to seek clarifications about his future after Qualifying for the United States GP is concluded.

“I think everything is possible to fix,” Kvyat said.

“If there is a clear direction, a clear goal to fight for something big in the future, then I am more than happy to be part of this.

“If not, if my role will stay like this – one race you do, next race you don’t know, then maybe it’s less interesting.

“But we have to sit down and talk about it and I think we will definitely have an answer.

“It will be a friendly talk, there will be no hard feelings.”

“I don’t want to know too much during this weekend,” he said.

“Here, behind curtains, many things are going on, always. It’s not like I am always just sitting waiting.

“I’m obviously thinking about other things, but now is not the right time to talk about this.

“I have a long-term agreement with Red Bull and as long as it is valid, I will try to do my job as good as possible.

“It might sound funny, but I will stay loyal until we have a good talk together.”