Home News Will Ferrari bring 2016-Spec engine to Austin?

Will Ferrari bring 2016-Spec engine to Austin?


Arguably, the team who have made the most in-season progress this year, the team may be on-course to bring their 2016-Spec F1 engine to the United States Grand Prix.  

Rosberg’s Sochi woes have inevitably meant Vettel is now up to second in the Drivers Championship. The Ferrari driver sits seven points ahead of fellow countryman, Nico Rosberg and sixty six points shy of championship leader Hamilton.

The Ferrari driver needs to be second or higher at the United States Grand Prix to stay in contention for the World Championship; if Hamilton is on the top step. The US Grand Prix, without doubt will be Ferrari’s and Vettel’s last chance to display any pace they were hiding, to win the drivers championship. Even if the Ferrari driver finishes second, and Hamilton wins, it would just be a few points, and it should be easy meet for Hamilton at Mexico to wrap up the constructors championship.

However, by the looks of thing, it may be near impossible for Vettel to win the championship, given Hamilton’s championship advantage, and the performance advantage Mercedes has over the Ferrari. It is second place that the would be a more realistic battle for Ferrari; with second place Vettel already having a seven point advantage over third place man, Nico Rosberg.

However, both Ferrari drivers are on their fourth and last allocated engine. If they decide to take up a new power unit for Austin, or even Mexico, the driver’s would need to take a penalty.

Ferrari suggest that they may be willing to use the engine upgrade on Kimi Raikkonen, who is out of contention from winning the World Championship. This upgrade, inevitably could give the team valuable data, and if it proves to be competitive, Raikkonen may play the team-game and help Vettel out in front.

Ferrari’s Arrivabene said there is a possibility the new power units are seen at the United States Grand Prix.

“We are thinking about it and we will tell you in Austin.

“Of course the situation with Seb now second in the championship is changing things a bit.

“But we have to do our calculations at home and look at what we have in our hands before taking any kind of decision.”

Mercedes, on the other hand will not be bringing any more upgrades this year, as the Brackley outfit have used up all their allocated engine tokens for the 2015 season.