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Susie Wolff: Dare to be Different


This week former Formula 1 Test Driver, Susie Wolff, launched her new initiative- Dare to be Different. The campaign’s key message is to get more females involved in the Motorsport industry, whether that’s as a driver or working as a professional in anything from engineering to PR.

Speaking on the F1 stage at the Autosport International Show on Saturday, Wolff described her campaign as ‘giving something back’.

Dare to be Different is aimed at getting more skilled women involved in motorsport and driving female talent.

“Fundamentally, Motorsport is seen as a male dominated world, and it is,” Wolff said. “But it is changing.

“Women are there because they’re the best for the job, they’re not ever there because someone has said, ‘okay, we need a woman’.

“For me, it’s about breaking down that barrier, and making the sport more accessible for women, building a community where women can inspire and connect with each other and share stories. It’s about getting little girls in karts at kart tracks. Motorsport is an option for them.”

Susie Wolff hung up her helmet last year, being the first female to participate in a Formula 1 weekend since 1992.

“If you’ve only got 15 little girls karting then the chances of one making it in Formula 1 are very slim, but if you’ve got loads of little girls karting the chances of one making it are much better,” Wolff continued, reinforcing, “We need to create role models. Motorsport is an option for you.”

“I proved that I am strong enough to cope.” Wolff said, regarding the future of women competing as drivers in F1. “It is doable.”

When I asked her about the future of Motorsport, she told me, “there will be more women. More women involved. Definitely.”

You can join Susie Wolff’s campaign on Twitter- @D2BDOfficial and sign up to support women in the sport.