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Ferrari ‘almost certain’ to take the fight to Mercedes


Ferrari president, Sergio Marchionne has once again reiterated that he is ‘very confident’ that Scuderia Ferrari can take the fight to Mercedes, and has claimed that it is ‘very unlikely’ the Italian marque don’t present a Mercedes with a challenge. 

Yesterday, Marchionne claimed that work on the 2016-spec Scuderia Ferrari started later than planned, as the team put more time into their 2015-spec car to attempt to give Mercedes a run for their money in the latter stages of the season.

The Ferrari president admitted they have a very clear idea of what to develop and fix for their 2016 challenger, unlike 2015 were the direction was quite uncertain.

“It is incredibly unlikely that the 2016 (Ferrari) car will not offer Mercedes a proper challenge.” Motorsport.com  report

“We approached the 16 car with a very clear idea and very clear interpretation.

“For me to determine whether it will win or not would be very gutsy.

“I have no excuses to give you this year, in the sense that we started developing the car at the proper time.