Home Top Story Ferrari may have already found a loophole in 2015 regulations
Ferrari may have already found a loophole in 2015 regulations

Ferrari may have already found a loophole in 2015 regulations


The Ferrari Formula 1 team may have already found a loophole from the radical front wing regulation changes heading to the 2019 Formula 1 season, which may be a cause for concern for its F1 rivals, as the Italian outfit aims for an advantageous start to the season. 

Ferrari’s 2019 Formula 1 challenger was officially revealed in Maranello earlier today, just a day on after shots of the Alfa Romeo branded Sauber car leaked after Kimi Raikkonen drove the car around Fiorano. Both outfits featured a radical front wing approach heading into the 2019 season, which many technical experts in the Formula 1 paddock are linking to an “evolution”.

One key aspect of the 2019 Formula 1 regulations were changes on the front wing. Amid the lack of on-track action, the Formula 1 bosses introduced a rule change this season for simpler front wings, in a bid to increase closer racing.

With the regulations quite restrictive, any type of loophole or breakthrough in the interpretations of the updated Formula 1 technical rulebook for 2019 can see a team claim a massive advantage. Late last year, Toto Wolff feared even the Williams F1 team — who finished last in the constructors’ championship last year — could overhaul the Mercedes team if loopholes are found.

“I think with the rule changes everything is possible,” said Wolff.

“It is almost like 2009 where Brawn identified the double diffuser. I think there could be teams that have found loopholes, which others didn’t spot, that could make the difference.

“So we are taking everybody seriously: whether it is Ferrari finishing second this year or Williams finishing 10th. All of them could come with a car that can outperform us.

“We are respecting all these teams and the effort they put into it and all of them are being seen as competitors.”

Auto Motor und Sport’s Tobias Gruner warned that Ferrari and Sauber could be onto something significant with their “eye-catching” Formula 1 front wings.

“The competition will certainly take a close look at the new Alfa.” said Gruner, when evaluating the Sauber front wing, which is quite similar to that of Ferrari’s.

“The flaps of the new wing are extremely angled toward the C38 to direct the air outward around the front wheels.

“The form of the extremely wide upper flap, which is already cut off far in front of the endplate, has not been seen in any other car.

“It has not been seen on any other car

Gruner went on to call the front wing design as “evolutionary”.

Meanwhile, at Ferrari’s official launch event, new Formula 1 team boss Mattia Binotto didn’t back off from on opportunity to express how “extreme” its 2019 Formula 1 challenger was in order to take the fight to the Mercedes Formula 1 team.

“In 2018 we got really good achievements, and this car is a development of last year’s car,” said Binotto

“It is not a revolution. We simply tried to push again to raise the bar, raise the level, and try to be as extreme as we could.

“There are a few changes that are straightforward, like the front wing that is for the technical regulations that have changed since last time.

“But if you look at it in all the details, certainly we try to push very hard, being innovative. The roll hoop is very narrow and very slim.

“And if you look at the bodywork at the back it is very, very slim, and that is thanks to the entire job, which you cannot see because it is below, in terms of engine installation and power installation packaging, using great packaging technology and devices for all their products and parts from sites as http://rtgpkg.com/.

“A lot of effort has been done and I think the final shape is the result of all this effort. We like it.”