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Tech Glimpse: Red Bull’s Barcelona upgrades

Tech Glimpse: Red Bull’s Barcelona upgrades


The F1 paddock expected the Red Bull Racing F1 team to bring large scale upgrades to the Spanish Grand Prix in order for the Milton Keynes outfit to catch Ferrari and Mercedes in the fight for the F1 world title. 

The team, however, didn’t bring the amount of upgrades that many expected — or as many said, a B-Spec car also did not arrive in the Barcelona paddock. As with most teams, the team did bring upgrades on its RB13 in its bid to close the gap to the championship leaders.


One of the key elements that arrived in the Barcelona paddock was the new and revised bargeboard on the RB13. The bargeboard which Red Bull have brought to Spain feature a new fin, as well as the horizontal section, which has been inspired by the Mercedes F1 team.

The team also came to Barcelona with a revised front-wing ahead of the Spanish Grand Prix. The team, however, has stuck their front-wing concept that they introduced at the beginning of the season — rather than chasing a Mercedes/Ferrari inspired concept — and have made small modifications.


Most notable modifications from the Milton Keynes team include three new output slots on the front wing endplate to better manage and condition the airflow, as guide out air from the car.

In addition, there are a few notable elements that the team has added for the Spanish Grand Prix on the front-wing.

However, in the days leading up to the Spanish Grand Prix, many expected Red Bull to arrive in the Barcelona paddock with a completely different car, however the team have mechanically stuck to the same concept, however making some aerodynamic gains.