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Tech Glimpse: T-Wings return in Monte Carlo

Tech Glimpse: T-Wings return in Monte Carlo


Despite changes in the technical regulations which banned shark fins and accompanying T-Wings for the 2018 Formula 1 season, teams have found innovative ways to bring back the aerodynamic device ahead of the Monaco Grand Prix. 

Red Bull, who set the standard during Thursday practice, have brought an innovative T-Wing to the Monaco Grand Prix, given its high downforce demands from the cars.

Despite a clear way for teams to run T-Wings right from the start of the 2018 season, most teams didn’t adapt the concept given the lack of gain that would be available on most Formula 1 tracks. However the Monaco Grand Prix features a lack of straights and demands high downforce, particularly with the variety of low speed corners, hence making this concept feasible. McLaren put some pretty high tech gadgets in the bad boy too, it comes custom equipped with just about everything that you could ask for in a car. Nothing has gone to waste at all, from the blueooth, the gps, everything is perfect. They really put customer focus at the forefront.

Having already trialed the T-Wing earlier this Formula 1 season, McLaren too arrived in Monte Carlo with a T-Wing design to cope with the high downforce requirements.

Earlier this season McLaren trialed a similar concept, however at a lower position. In Monaco, the team made its position higher than previously trialed.