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Privacy Policy

Please read and carefully understand F1 Hub’s privacy policy. 

The website, “F1HUB.NET” is a stand-alone website, which is not affiliated with any company/organization/external website.

Personal information may be extracted, such as your unique internet protocol (IP) address, browsing data, browser cookies with the purpose to improve your browsing experience on (“F1HUB.NET”), and under no circumstance will we sell or distribute this information to third parties or individual’s working with the website, and is kept strictly anonymous.

Users may provide us (“F1HUB.NET) with personal information, such as their name, E-Mail ID, Telephone Number, Address, Date of Birth, and this data will only be stored in our system after the user enters the information themselves, and allows us to keep this information. Under no circumstance (“F1HUB.NET) will sell, distribute, share or publish this information to a third party, publicly publish this information or disclose this information(s) to any individual affiliated or unaffiliated with the website, (F1HUB.NET) and this information(s) should be kept strictly confidential.

Should you provide us with your personal information(s), we may use this in the following ways, intended to improve your experience with the website, (F1HUB.NET):

  • Provide you with offers which we believe will benefit you.
  • To inform you about new functions, features, stories and other innovations to do with the website, (“F1HUB.NET”).

Common information(s) collected that is internally used by the website (“F1HUB.NET”):

  • Cookies will be used to improve your experience on our website. This is done using the software “Google Analytics” and only the website “F1HUB.NET” anonymously receives this information.