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Alonso: ‘MotoGP riders are heroes’


Fernando Alonso has hailed MotoGP riders as ‘heroes’, after spending the weekend spectating at Mullego, Italy.  

The double F1 World Champion spent the weekend with Honda, who power Alonso’s current F1 car, as well as running a factory team in MotoGP.

Alonso said he was impressed by the ambiance as the local fans gave their support to nine-time world champion Valentino Rossi, having raced at a home race himself last weekend in Spain for the Spanish Grand Prix.

“It’s been a fantastic weekend so far, great atmosphere,” Alonso NBC Sports on the grid ahead of the race.

“A Valentino pole position has been a good boost for the grandstand.”

Having driven an F1 car around Mugello in the past, Alonso knows the immense challenge that the Tuscan circuit poses. He Spaniard was full of respect for the MotoGP riders. 

“It’s unbelievable, it’s quite impressive,” Alonso said.

“I went into the braking for Turn 1, the bike is moving there at 350kmh. It’s quite impressive.

“They’re heroes for us. It’s very impressive to watch it live. Quite different from television.”