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Red Bull “worried” about next three F1 races

Red Bull “worried” about next three F1 races


Red Bull team principal Christian Horner admits he is “worried” about his teams chances over the next three power critical F1 circuits, following an upturn in form at the Monaco Grand Prix. 

The Red Bull Racing F1 team claimed two podium finishes with Daniel Ricciardo over the last two races, following upgrades and the high downforce nature of the circuits, as the team beat F1 rivals Mercedes “fair and square” in Monte Carlo.

However, Horner admits the team faces a bigger challenge at the next three races — the Canadian, Baku and Austrian Grands Prix — which features medium to low downforce corners, and is highly power sensitive.

Whilst Renault, the French marque who power the Red Bull F1 team, have made key gains since the 2014 season, it is far from the performance of leading F1 manufacturers Mercedes and Ferrari, which will disadvantage Red Bull on the upcoming power sensitive circuits.

“I think we are certainly understanding the car better, we are developing the car better, we are getting performance on the car and that has worked to good effect,” Red Bull Formula One team principal Christian Horner said, quoted on Autosport.

“I am a little worried about Canada and Baku, because they are completely different challenges.

“So the next three circuits for us are really tough – Canada/Baku/Austria – they are going to be our biggest challenge of the calendar apart from Monza.

“If we can perform OK at those next three venues then with what is coming in the pipeline for further in the season the second half of the season for us can be stronger than the first half.”

Red Bull won’t stay in F1 title battle 

Valtteri Bottas does not expect Red Bull to retain the form that the outfit showed at the Monaco Grand Prix, and expects only Ferrari to be battling at the front with Mercedes for the next few F1 races.

Red Bull’s Daniel Ricciardo beat both Mercedes Formula 1 cars at the Monaco Grand Prix, following a clever strategy call that saw Ricciardo jump both Verstappen and Bottas.

“I reckon for now it’s just Monaco because it’s such a unique track,” said Bottas.

“It’s all about downforce and mechanical grip, and having a good car over the bumps and change of direction.

“Canada is very different, it’s full of medium-speed corners and chicanes.

“I think they are going to be [competitive] sooner or later. They are a strong team and they can make very quick cars, so we should not underestimate them.

“But I reckon Canada will be a bit more tricky for them.”