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Red Bull charge on hold as Renault engine upgrade delayed

Red Bull charge on hold as Renault engine upgrade delayed


Renault’s engine upgrade, which was scheduled to debut at the Canadian Grand Prix, has been delayed by the French manufacturer, which could cost Red Bull in their bid to overhaul Ferrari and Mercedes. 

Red Bull have confirmed reports that the Renault engine upgrade, which was initially planned for the Canadian Grand Prix, has been delayed, with the new date yet to be revealed.

With the power unit upgrade delayed, more emphasis will be put on Red Bull’s car – which at the moment is no match to Ferrari and Mercedes – however, the team are confident the B-Spec upgrade, which is coming for the Spanish Grand Prix, will help the team boost its progress.

According to reports, Renault has delayed the upgrade following reliability concerns. In addition, reliability proved to be poor at the Russian Grand Prix, which saw multiple stoppages by Renault powered cars.

“As long as Renault does not have reliability under control, there is no further development,” Red Bull’s Helmut Marko said.

Different machineries 

New rumors around the paddock have hinted that Renault could be taking a different development path for Nico Hulkenberg’s works Renault car – even power unit front – after the German outpaced struggling Brit Jolyon Palmer in the first four races of the season.

“The fuel may be different but the hardware is the same, Renault assures us,” said Marko.

“It would be impossible to build two different engines anyway.

“You only get this impression (that Hulkenberg has a faster engine) in qualifying, but one reason could be that Hulkenberg is a frighteningly good driver in qualifying,” he added.