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I’ll make Vettel’s life a misery – Hamilton

I’ll make Vettel’s life a misery – Hamilton


Lewis Hamilton says he is “happy” to make  title rival Sebastian Vettel’s life a “misery” for the coming years after the German signed a contract extension with the Ferrari Formula 1 team. 

The British driver took another commanding victory at the United States Grand Prix in Ausin, after passing his title rival Sebastian Vettel on track for the lead of the race – and is now ever closer to securing a fourth world title.

In an interview with The Sun, Lewis Hamilton opened up about Ferrari’s unwillingness to have him drive for their team, his thoughts going forward regarding his title battle with Sebastian Vettel for the years to come and his thoughts on his controversial ‘road rage’ incident with Vettel in Baku earlier this year.

“I do see the red car and I am a fan of the company and the brand,” Hamilton said in an interview with The Sun, referring to the Ferrari Formula 1 team.

Hamilton explained that he had become uninterested in driving for Ferrari, given that the outfit showed no interest in recruiting him, rather he has opted to remain with Mercedes.

“It would be an honour for any driver to race those cars, but it has not been an option. If Ferrari wanted me, they would have approached me. I want to work with people who want me. If they don’t want me, it is no problem.

“I am happy to make their life a misery for the next few years. Sebastian just re-signed, so for me and Mercedes, our goal is to make him and Ferrari unhappy for the next three years!”

Commenting on his take from the Baku ‘road rage’ incident, Hamilton said: “How Sebastian behaved in Baku and what he does has no bearing on me or how great I can be. I know where I stand in terms of being a competitor to him and I think he knows it, too. There is always respect. I don’t think, ‘You did this to me’. It’s not important.

“It goes back to when I was a kid. I’d get a lot of racism. I wanted to knock the kid out who said stuff, but my dad would always say, ‘do your talking on the track — beat the kid and that is more powerful’. Actions speak louder than words. Win the championship and that will silence him.”