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McLaren’s new livery for the 2018 F1 season

McLaren’s new livery for the 2018 F1 season


The McLaren Formula 1 team are set to introduce a brand new livery for the 2018 Formula 1 season as they initiate a new engine partnership with French engine supplier Renault in their bid to get back to winning ways. 

McLaren’s CEO Zak Brown predicts that his team is likely to see the biggest change to the livery out of any team on the current F1 grid.

“The car’s not going to look the same as last year,” Brown told Autosport.

“Our whole brand, the visibility of McLaren, is going to go to the next level and it’s going to be exciting.

“We know what a lot of the other teams are going to look like, but hopefully people will see the biggest change on and off the track at McLaren going into Australia.

“One of the things that McLaren hasn’t done in recent years is be a leader.

“With our garage and everything, we look like everyone else. So we need to step up and be the guys in Australia where everyone says, did you see what McLaren did?

“That is what McLaren always was. With our lack of competitiveness, we have kind of blended in. We need to get back to being a team that people are envious of. I feel we are on our way.”

Sean Bull provided us with mock ups of how the new McLaren livery could look with Renault power:

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