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Stroll surprised by “very boring” F1 paddock life

Stroll surprised by “very boring” F1 paddock life


19-year-old Lance Stroll has revealed that the “boring” life in the Formula 1 paddock surprised him, as the Canadian teenager looked back at his first 19 races in Formula 1. 

The Canadian Formula 1 driver sat down to run through his rookie season in Formula 1, which included various up and downs, which range from his Baku Formula 1 podium in June ton consecutive crashes during the first two Formula 1 races – which prompted critics to question his presence in the sport.

However, speaking to Auto Motor und Sport, Stroll revealed that the life in the paddock surprised him the most during his first F1 season. He made it clear that the “hype” of the paddock is very much a myth, and the atmosphere is nothing but boring, with the only excitement being on-track action.

Asked what surprised him the most, Stroll said: “The life in the paddock.

“It is very boring in the paddock. There’s nothing really exciting about that. It’s all about racing.

“It’s a lot on the move, but as a driver, you never really have time to have fun.

“At least much less than I had thought.

“In principle, you race every weekend or you’re on the road. Especially if you fly far away and one event follows the next.”

“I have not listened to the jealousies and haters”

The young Canadian went on the explain how he managed himself during the early part of the 2017 Formula 1 season, when he was struggling to perform and critics — most notably his countryman Jacques Villeneuve — would often slam him.

It wasn’t until his home race, the seventh round of the Formula 1 world championship in Montreal, that the Canadian managed to score points, and that momentum resulted in his maiden podium the next time out in Baku, Azerbaijan.

However, the early part hadn’t been easy for Stroll; the Canadian endured crashes in Australia, China, Bahrain and Monaco, despite not being at fault for some of the crashes.

“I just do not focus on what the public says or writes about me.” said Stroll, explaining how he managed himself early on during his F1 campaign.

“I have not read newspapers and have not listened to the jealousies and haters. It was important to keep a cool head. I have listened to the people around me who support me and work with me. You just have to hide the rest. You must not be distracted. I always knew what we could do together.”