“The only thing that has changed is I know Daniil a lot more from previous categories.” Sainz told Autosport.

“I know how he works, how he acts, we know each other perfectly. With Max, it was a new team-mate for me from 2015 onwards.

“On the team dynamic, maybe everything is a bit more open, everyone started working a bit more together, maybe started working in more of a team.

“The separation was there but it is normal that it was there when you have two strong teammates.”

Sainz also believed there was always friction when partnered with Verstappen due to their competitive nature, however, he adds that he did enjoy his inter-team battles with the teenager.

“I was enjoying it. When you have two strong teammates, there will always be some friction between the two drivers.

“It was not that I was not liking it. We had to deal with it but I didn’t see it as a bad situation.”