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The best of team radio from the first half of 2016

The best of team radio from the first half of 2016


As Formula One approaches half way through the record-breaking 21 races of the 2016 Formula One Season, F1 Hub shortlists the best radio messages exchanged. 

15. “Don’t tell me every lap, just tell me every four laps or something.” – Nico Rosberg, Bahrain Grand Prix. 

Race leader, Nico Rosberg instructs his team to not keep informing him about the various gaps every single lap, and leave around a 4-lap gap before communicating the gaps again.

14. “Why is he on a softer tyre than me?” – Lewis Hamilton, Austrian Grand Prix.

Lewis Hamilton questions his team why his main rival, Nico Rosberg is on a softer tyre than him.

13. “Oh, fantastic. Race from hell this is going to be.” – Jenson Button, Hungarian Grand Prix.

Jenson Button shares his frustration on the team radio, as bad reliability on his Honda powered McLaren drops him down to last position.

12. “They’re miles away. Who do you want to undercut?” – Sebastian Vettel, German Grand Prix.

Sebastian Vettel questions his team why they are pitting, as next rival: Max Verstappen is 8-10 seconds down the road.

11. “I don’t know if my car is OK. I guess so. But what a shame.” – Fernando Alonso, British Grand Prix.

Fernando Alonso reports his spin off the Silverstone circuit to his team which he incurred, as a result of the wet Silverstone.

10. “I was on the outside. It wasn’t me that crashed.” – Lewis Hamilton, Austrian Grand Prix. 

After the two Mercedes drivers came together for yet another time, Lewis Hamilton expresses his innocence over the team radio, as he claims another Grand Prix victory.

9. “Don’t worry. I lose another position in the next stop, and I will recover later.” – Fernando Alonso, German Grand Prix. 

Fernando Alonso expresses his frustration after he had a slow pit-stop, and lost positions to his rivals.

8. “Esteban’s my favourite, I love this guy.” – Daniel Ricciardo, German Grand Prix.

Daniel Ricciardo slams the Haas backmarker for impeding him, and not getting out of the way, despite various blue flags.

7. “Save it. Nothing you could say can make that any better. Just save it.” – Daniel Ricciardo, Monaco Grand Prix. 

The Australian driver expresses his frustration after a slow pit-stop costed him the victory at the principality.

6. “I’m driving like a grandma.” – Max Verstappen, Hungarian Grand Prix. 

Max Verstappen uses sarcasm over the team radio in a bid to get Red Bull to enforce team orders so he can clear his team-mate, and chase down the Mercedes cars.

5. “Mamma mia, what the hell is going on?” – Sebastian Vettel, Canadian Grand Prix. 

Sebastian Vettel expresses his frustration of the traffic, as he attempts to chase down Lewis Hamilton.

4. “Oh for ****** sake man! Who the *****? Oh I’m out! Crash! Somebody hit me in the ****** rear, T2, Somebody hit me in the ******* rear again T3, for ******* sake, honestly. What the ****** are we doing here?” – Sebastian Vettel, Russian Grand Prix. 

Vettel expresses his anger on the team radio, after Daniil Kvyat ran into him two times, in two corners, throwing the German driver out of the Grand Prix.

3. “Okay I made contact I had no chance I had the Red Bull coming up the inside like a madman and I hit Kimi, I think my nose is damaged.” – Sebastian Vettel, Chinese Grand Prix. 

Vettel blames Kvyat for the Chinese Grand Prix Lap 1 mayhem, which saw Raikkonen fall down the order.

2. “This is ridiculous guys, I don’t know, looking at my fricking dash every five seconds trying to find a switch that’s in the wrong position. I haven’t changed anything or done something wrong as far as I’m aware.” – Lewis Hamilton, European Grand Prix.

Hamilton gets annoyed with the technical detail of his Mercedes Formula One car, and the radio restrictions – as his Mercedes is in a wrong setting, which is costing him time to his rivals.

1. “Just to copy you again, Kvyat attack was suicidal, there was always going to be a crash. No way with the speed he had he could have done the corner.” – Sebastian Vettel, Chinese Grand Prix. 

Vettel further explains how he thinks Kvyat was to blame for the Turn One pileup, which saw many get out of position.