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Rosberg retires as F1’s best driver, Toto Wolff says

Rosberg retires as F1’s best driver, Toto Wolff says


Mercedes motorsport boss Toto Wolff believes Nico Rosberg is the best driver in Formula One currently, as the 2016 world champion heads for retirement from racing. 

Sunday’s Abu Dhabi Grand Prix saw Nico Rosberg secure his first ever F1 title, after being beaten by Lewis Hamilton to the title during 2014 and 2015, and shortly after, Rosberg decided to end his racing career.

When making his comments, Wolff took into account Hamilton’s reliability woes, however still believes Rosberg proved himself a worthy champion when he crossed the line in Abu Dhabi.

“The results show he won the world championship,” Toto Wolff is quoted on Autosport.

“He is the best driver in Formula 1 today and the points show that.

“The way I’ve perceived the last few races was that he was extremely professional and he did what was needed.

“He had an incredible winning streak at the beginning of the season [four races] to build the foundation and he just drove it home.”

‘Rosberg couldn’t tell Wolff about F1 exit in person’

Nico Rosberg admitted he could not tell Toto Wolff in person about his F1 exit, as he informed the Mercedes boss about his retirement over the phone.

The German driver made his decision on Monday evening after securing his first F1 title, and informed Toto Wolff the following day ahead of his Friday public announcement.

“It was massively difficult,” admitted Rosberg.

“I couldn’t tell him in person. I had to call him. It was massively intense especially after three hours of sleep.

Commenting on the situation, Wolff said: “It was a very difficult moment. We spent a day in Malaysia, with such a big crowd cheering for Nico, something I have never seen – it was unbelievable.

“We hopped on a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore and from Singapore to Frankfurt and then we had some emotional discussions and he was so clear by what he said that he had no doubt about his decision.”