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Ferrari has identified its 2016 car’s problems

Ferrari has identified its 2016 car’s problems


After Ferrari failed to beat Mercedes, and even toppled behind Red Bull Racing, Sebastian Vettel has revealed that his team has identified the issues that was holding back the SF-16H. 

Ferrari have failed to win a race this year, and this time last year, the Italian manufacturer already had 2 victories under its belt, and a heap of podium finishes.

At the German Grand Prix, Ferrari fell behind Red Bull Racing in the constructors championship, and the team have failed to finish on the podium since the Austrian Grand Prix.

Despite the ‘disastrous’ season Ferrari have had thus far, Sebastian Vettel remains confident of his teams chances for the second half of the 2016 F1 season, given that it has identified its problems.

However, despite the Maranello squad identifying the problems, Vettel is certain that it is not an overnight fix, however the German driver claims his team have a plan to slowly resolve the problem.

“We know that the last couple of races have been harsh and tough for us but they’ve been useful and we have understood a lot about our car strengths and weaknesses so we know what to focus on,” Vettel told Autosport.

“It wasn’t entirely clear after the first couple of races but it became more and more evident.

“It’s a harsh way to find out and we’re not as competitive as we want but we know to what to do.

“It’s not something to change overnight but there is a plan and the second half should be stronger in that regard.

“It also depends on what other people will do but for now that is the focus on ourselves.”